My Reading at Lily Dale

I read an article yesterday about a reporter who had visited the spiritual community of Lily Dale. She had gotten a Psychic reading and was totally flabbergasted by the results. Now let me say this; I have NEVER believed in Psychic readings, by that mambo jumbo as I call it, however, a year ago, I was in and around this area so I thought I would stop in and see if I could fool them.

First off, I thought it would just be amusing, and secondly, I had read that it is a beautiful and very friendly community so I decided to check it out.

The community is located in the Western New York area, and has a population of around 275 people who dedicate their lives to the betterment of society by helping others around them.

The community has many mediums, spiritualists, and folks dedicated to help others through their readings. Knowing that I wanted to “test their powers”, I didn’t call ahead so they could check me out through the internet.

Many homes there have open readings so I found one with an open sign and went inside. The woman who greeted me was a warm and friendly woman about 35, and when I asked for a reading, she immediately agreed.

My intent was to basically say nothing and let THEM do the talking with me nodding yes or no. Right away, she started with. “ You have just lost someone you love  recently”. I thought, “who hasn’t”. Let me just say here that it WAS true, though, my aunt Carol had just passed and I loved her very much.

A tear came to my eye as she spoke about this and then she said, “ your aunt Carol is here beside you and is saying to be careful, you are on a dangerous path like your mother and will come into hard times unless you change”.

Next, she said my mother was in the room and was saying that she apologized to me for the way she had treated me as a child. Well, I lost it, I started to sob. The psychic said that she was always with me as was my aunt Carol, and to turn to them for strength.

Then, the most amazing thing happened, she said my dad was present. He was telling me to be strong, live the straight and narrow lifestyle,, and to follow his lead in life. He said his reward was well worth his efforts.

At that point she said they had left, I was left drained, sad, and amazed. I had said NOTHING, and yet, she had told me my whole life story. How COULD she have known all of this? I was flabbergasted.

I will say this, if you are ever in upstate NY, go to Lily Dale, stop in, and have a reading. It changed one MAJOR skeptic into a sobbing mess of jelly.

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Comments (7)

  1. varuben

    hi red!!!
    try to think that some people is different, that is all. Not all of us live a life with the normal system, and they can have some powers, it is like a train to do this stuff.
    Anyway, it is dangerous in some parts of the wolrd, people not only use this powers for good.
    and maybe something to remember, they are friendly.
    I can’t say your life, but I wanna say you…try to get a family, dont be alone.

    September 08, 2017
  2. rebecca2013

    Ummmmm…… well….. I am a psychologist…. and….. I just don’t find much evidence to believe in Psychic abilities…. but what do I know?? I still believe that The Truth is Out There….

    September 08, 2017
    1. dreamshadow59

      Hehehe …Ya know, I didn’t either. In fact, I have ALWAYS been a huge skeptic. This was an unusual occurrence for me. I said nothing but my first name and they just came up with the most surprising stuff. They couldn’t have known because all I gave them was my first name…THAT’S IT!! I was just a WALK IN appointment…Very weird…

      September 08, 2017
      1. rebecca2013

        hummm…. well… maybe you should contact Mulder and Scully

        September 08, 2017
  3. Bettymom

    I don’t think I’ll go. I have no desire to be turned into a mess of jelly.

    September 08, 2017
    1. dreamshadow59

      I understand…

      September 08, 2017
  4. cjb321

    You were very fortunate. I had a reading once where I sat down….she looked at me…..and said “You have 5 children”. It blew me away! Best reading I have had!

    September 08, 2017